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Power, Community, and Innovation


We are a group of volunteer electricians from the IBEW Local 6 who dedicate our time traveling around the world to help communities by installing innovative energy solutions. 

    We made a return to "Hospital for Hope India" to rewire the hospital and set up a good grounding system to help with lighting strikes.

    Then onto Dominica on the East Coast to install 3 KW solar systems at six primary schools in the Kalinago Indigenous Tribal area.

    We have upcoming projects in Puerto Rico doing solar for medication refrigerators with Project Hope.

    Also projects in St. Croix at the Queen Anne Home for Orphans.










    The best way to donate is to visit the Sextant Foundation website. Sextant is a 501(c)3 with which we partner for all of our projects. 

    We are always looking for skilled electricians to join our team. Email us for more information.

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