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Bringing Light to the Classroom

Of all of the work we've done in Haiti, one of the most rewarding was a small solar project at a local school. Sister Maureen Boggins, who is one of the sisters with CRUDEM, works at a local school teaching English to elementary students.

The school was in desperate need of electricity because it was dependent on municipal utility that was sporadic at best. Because of the school’s position in the shadow of the historic San Souci Palace many of the classrooms are in the dark in the middle of sunny days. Despite this hurdle students come to school every day prepared to learn even if it is crowded around a flashlight lit blackboard.

Sister Maureen wanted to put this to an end, so she raised money to purchase a solar panel system for the school which we installed in May of this year.

The students, teachers, and school director were so grateful that they put on a special concert for us and Sister Maureen. See the video below.

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